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NN group: Collective bargaining agreement

How to proceed with the collective labor agreement? This was the central question in the collective labor agreement consultations of 23 March 2021.

The collective labor agreement negotiations are at an impasse. The principles of trade unions and employer are too far apart to be able to bridge in a normal way. The meeting of 23 March was mainly intended to see how we can get the meeting back on track.

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How do we get out of the impasse?

In a survey, the trade unions investigated whether the position expressed by the employer in the collective labor agreement negotiations is recognized by employees. Our survey shows that this is not the case. We presented the results to the employer. NN will consider whether wage space can be created and whether NN's efforts can be changed.

Travel and home work allowance

The members of all trade unions have agreed to the travel and home work allowance. With these agreements, a result has been achieved that is independent of the collective labor agreement negotiations. It is positive that so many members (on average 90%) have agreed. But it is certainly also important that we can conclude that the negotiators of trade unions on the one hand and NN on the other are able to build bridges in the interests of the employees. We have scheduled a subsequent collective bargaining agreement for 5 May 2021. For these consultations to be successful, it is important that NN creates wage space.

Continue collective bargaining

The employer has also conducted a survey among employees. This survey was completed by many employees, from which we can conclude that NN employees consider their terms of employment important. NN is still considering the interpretation of the result. Members will be informed about this shortly. The research method is not suitable for measuring how employees think about specific employment conditions, other methods have been developed for this. With the research conducted by NN you can measure whether groups of employees have distinctive interests. There are of course different groups of employees within a large company such as NN. You can differentiate according to job level, age, business unit, et cetera. A collective labor agreement must be sufficiently consistent with all the different groups and not become 'one size, fits no one'. This is also consistent with the employment conditions policy of De Unie, in which we pay attention to customization and employees' own choices.


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