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NN Group: Collective Agreement 2021-2023 agreement

After consultation with NN and De Unie the other trade unions have decided to sign the new collective labor agreement for NN. De Unie had previously formally informed the employer and other trade unions that, as far as we were concerned, a collective labor agreement had been drawn up.

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There has been no renegotiation. The parties have agreed to evaluate the pension agreements made and introduced before 2024. The questions that were initially raised about the legal correctness of the pension agreements have been withdrawn by the other trade unions.

Earlier I, Inge de Vries (representative), asked the employees to be patient, and that must not have been pleasant. Thanks for the patience shown. I want to emphasize that De Unie made a conscious decision to give the other trade unions time to ask the questions they had. Our constructive attitude also kept us involved in finding a solution and has De Unie be able to actively participate in the eventual conclusion of the collective labor agreement with all parties. I am of course pleased that the collective labor agreement is now being formalized without further discussion.

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The first effects you will notice is a 3% increase in salaries and salary scales (insofar as your salary is lower than or equal to the relevant scale maximum). The one-off payment will also be paid in July 2022.


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