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NN Group: Periodic consultation and sounding board group

The collective labor agreement negotiations and the pension consultation take a lot of time and effort. But there are many other things at play at NN as well. On March 2, 2022 De Unie held regular consultations with NN Group. There is a development at the NNIP works council and we want to involve the members closer in the collective labor agreement negotiations.

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Periodic consultations

De Unie has regular general consultations with NN. In these consultations, various matters can be discussed, reorganisations, developments at the company and topics that are brought up by our members. On March 2, we discussed the following topics:

ABN-AMRO Insurance is a joint venture of NN Group and ABN-AMRO. The activities of AAV in Zwolle will be split. The life activities will be transferred to NN Group, the non-life portfolio will remain in the joint venture. This will probably have consequences for the employees at AAV, we will investigate what these consequences are.

Hybrid work
As of February 25, 2022, the restrictive measures related to Covid-19 have been lifted. NN indicates that they expect to start hybrid working from March 7, 2022. For some members this will be good news, others are not so keen on this. At the request of De Unie NN has confirmed that employees will not be required to come to the office. People who do not feel safe can continue to work from home. We are also scheduling an additional meeting to verify that NN's offices meet health requirements.

Annual figures NN Group 2021
A separate appointment is scheduled to discuss NN's 2021 result.

NN Group has decided to bring back some of the work that was outsourced to Voogd & Voogd. The activity will be transferred to the NNVS component. De Unie has indicated that it wishes to make agreements about employment conditions and a social plan in the interest of these employees.

Sounding board group collective labor agreement negotiations

In February, De Unie held five member meetings. We discussed the state of play in the negotiations with the members. “What next?” was a question during the members' meetings. We want to investigate this question together with the members. We need your help to be able to conclude an excellent collective labor agreement.

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Works council elections NNIP

The works council of NNIP has De Unie requested that the elections be postponed for several months. I have agreed to this in principle, the works council has good arguments. I have indicated that De Unie considers it important that the works council (in accordance with the WOR) gives employees the opportunity to object.


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