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Nedap: voting on the new collective labor agreement

On June 21, De Unie reached a negotiated result on the extension of the collective labor agreement Nedap from 1 April 2022 to 1 April 2023.

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We have agreed that the salaries and salary scales will be increased by 1% as of 2022 April 3,75.

In addition, Nedap has indicated that, in consultation with the Works Council, a fixed (net) expense allowance will be agreed. This will replace the current homework allowance.

The new fixed expense allowance will apply to all Nedap employees (including those who currently do not have a homework allowance). The new arrangement is an improvement for everyone compared to the current situation.

With regard to the homeworking policy, it has been confirmed that the extent to which the employee can work from home is, in principle, determined by him/her. This is of course done in close coordination with the team in which the work is carried out.

With regard to the kilometer allowance for commuting, Nedap will adjust this to the maximum permitted fiscal margin.

So much for the outcome of the collective labor agreement.

We want to increase this result, both on the basis of the wage increase and the introduction of a fixed expense allowance, with a positive to submit voting advice to you. We think the pay increase of 3,75% is in line with the company's current performance. This does not completely solve the current unprecedented high inflation. Incidentally, the latter is not resolved in any collective labor agreement in the Netherlands. The average wage increase of the collective labor agreements concluded in 2022 (more than 200) is 3,0%. The average collective labor agreement increase in April/May 2022 is 3,5%. The income agreements for the new collective labor agreement at Nedap are above this.

Members have been invited to vote. They can do this until no later than June 30, 2022.

If there are any questions about this message, you can contact the interest representative Jan Admiraal via e-mail jan.admiraal@unie.nl.