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Laborious collective employment agreement UWV

In the recent period De Unie received a lot of responses to our previous newsletter. Our heartfelt thanks for that. Members have made it very clear that the wage offer is the biggest pain point. Besides that the home work allowance is also found to be below par. You can read the newsletter again here.

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After this short respite, another consultation took place on 10 February about the collective labor agreement. Steps still need to be taken on many themes. UWV has carefully taken note of all considerations and arguments. It is clear that the positions are still too far apart to reach an agreement quickly.

Pay raise

There are differences in viewpoints and perspective on the themes. This makes discussions about a new collective labor agreement difficult. It is difficult to make agreements about a wage development that shows sufficient appreciation for the efforts of the employees on the one hand and fits within the financial resources of the UWV on the other.

Study appointments

It is important to make short-term agreements for the current (temporary) situation on various substantive themes. Concrete study agreements are being made in order to be able to make good agreements for the future structural situation. This affects, among other things, the new normal, leave and the fixed-flex ratio.


The next meeting on 3 March will mainly focus on substantive consultation on the themes and agreements about them. The CLA parties want to create clarity about a route for different files. We will continue to look for connections to reach agreements for a new collective labor agreement.

Keep giving your opinion via the UCC page and to us. You mean a lot to our Dutch society, which includes a good collective labor agreement.


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