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Metalektro: More than 98% for collective labor agreement result

Just before the start of all the holidays, there was suddenly a collective labor agreement result in the Metalektro. You can see the result here read again. Union members could vote until September 8. More than 98% of the voting members voted in favor of the result. This gives a broad mandate to quickly start working on the elaboration of the agreement.

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In addition to the vote, many of the members also provided explanations or asked questions. Members have expressed concerns about the fact that the wage increases for colleagues covered by the collective labor agreement for senior personnel have not been forthcoming in the past 10 years. Also setting and cannot indexing income thresholds for participation in all kinds of schemes (generation pact and RVU) is a problem for many colleagues. And we understand that too. We will continue to do our best to break down these, in our view, inappropriate barriers in the next collective labor agreement.

Questions that were received include the sustainable employability day in the collective labor agreement. This will continue to exist and can also be included again this year. We have also already received the first questions about the RVU. Understandable, but the exact content of the scheme has yet to be agreed. It is therefore not yet possible to register, but only from 1 January 2022. Of course we will continue to inform you and your colleagues about the elaboration of all agreements in the coming period.

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