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Metalektro: CLA consultations started

The Metalektro CLA will expire on November 30 of this year, which is why we started negotiations for a new CLA on September 9.

Propose De Unie

The proposal letter we have sent out contains the following main points:


  • Equal pay increase for all employees in the Metalektro, unless other agreements are made with vakbond.
  • Generation pact for all employees from the age of 60.
  • Financial advice available to industry employees.
  • Pension scheme remains up to standard, thanks to extra contributions from employers.
  • Sufficient charge for A&O so that development can be stimulated.
  • Training vouchers must remain available to employees.
  • Include May 5 as a public holiday.
  • Develop a tough occupations scheme.

Supplement paternity leave up to 100%.
You can send the full proposal letter here proofread.

Proposals to employers

Employers have also presented their proposals for a new collective labor agreement. In these proposals they want to change the collective labor agreement in the field of:

  • Sustainable employability
    * limitation of the possibilities of DI day
    * disclosure provisions based on health only
  • Adjustment of the Generation Pact. It will remain a pilot, variant 70-85-100 will be scrapped and the employer can refuse.
  • Flexibility of collective labor agreements, no more involvement vakbondand with agreements about working hours, shifts. But also more freedom for employers to schedule free roster hours and (collective) holidays.

You can submit the full proposals from the employers here read through and here the attachment.

The collective labor agreement consultations

The second round of negotiations will take place on 23 September and the third round on 7 October. You will receive a report of the negotiations after each round of negotiations.
If you have any questions, you can ask them via

In the meantime, we will keep you informed through our channels:

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