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Members say yes to the CLA result Residential Services

The negotiation result is through de Uniemembers agreed. The fellow unions and Aedes have also agreed with the result.

This time, the response was slightly higher than usual, with just under 30% of the members making their voices heard (has averaged 24% over the years). There were no abstentions and only 1 vote against. The vast majority therefore voted in favor.

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Although the majority were satisfied, the comments showed dissatisfaction mainly with the following points: (in quantitative order)

  1. Disappointment about not applying the home work allowance retroactively.
  2. Disappointment about the meager combination of travel allowance and home work allowance.
  3. Disappointment on the commencement date of the salary increase on 1 July instead of 1 January.
  4. The 2,25% is perceived as insufficient.

In the next collective bargaining process, we will have to make it clear to the employers' side that they must not underestimate the dissatisfaction among employees. In contrast to other years, the understanding for employer was considerably less this year.


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