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ING: Preparation of periodic consultations November 2021

The next periodic meeting will be on Tuesday 23 November 2021, so we will only have a short meeting so it is important to prepare this well.


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In any case, the following topics are on the agenda:

  • Collective days off
  • Mobility card
  • Work from home advice and access pass
  • Pilot unlimited leave

Are there topics that you think are important, but that are not on the agenda right now? Then let our advocate Inge de Vries know so that she can also have your topic placed on the agenda.

Collective days off

It has been agreed in the collective labor agreement to grant two extra collective days off. For the year 2021, these days have been set at December 27, 2021 and January 3, 2022. It has now become clear that it is unclear whether the employees who normally do not work on this day (both Mondays), can take leave at a different time or financially be compensated. We will discuss this in the periodic consultation on 23 November, when a decision must also be made.
Do you still have to work on December 27 or January 3? Then you can schedule the collective day off at another time. A clear agreement has been made about this in the collective labor agreement. A second action is that we determine the collective days off for the year 2022. In addition to January 3, there will therefore be two additional collective days off in 2022.

Mobility card

ING will exchange the annual public transport card for the mobility card in 2022. With the mobility card you can partly do more than with the annual public transport card. You can use it not only for public transportation, but also for other travel methods. But there are also disadvantages, including:

  • With the mobility card, it is no longer possible to travel freely during the weekend
  • The reimbursement for commuting is capped at 65 km per day
  • The reimbursement for Intercity Direct will expire

De Unie and ING have now had an initial consultation on the legal consequences of this decision. For many members, arrangements have been made in their individual employment contract about commuting. ING may not just change this. I have therefore asked ING to work out a solution for this and to discuss it with us.
I also emphasized that it is important to provide good information, so that employees have a good idea of ​​​​the change in this travel provision and can make a well-informed choice in good time. ING will soon start a pilot group that will receive the mobility card. If the pilot is successful, the mobility card will be introduced in 2022. The annual public transport card will continue to work until the official start date.

We will try to reach agreements on this subject in the periodic consultation on 23 November.

Working from home and access pass

ING has decided to follow the government's work from home advice. This means that everyone will be working from home again, and that all events and meetings will be held online again. De Unie therefore wants to discuss with ING what this means for the feasibility of the agreements on the number of CSR days. In addition, ING indicates that they are considering the possible introduction of a corona pass in the workplace. 's point of view De Unie about this option is as follows:

Point of view De Unie regarding QR code in the workplace

The QR code of a vaccinated person does not provide certainty about the contagiousness of an employee. The QR code of an unvaccinated (and therefore tested) employee, on the other hand, does. This employee is by definition not contagious. If the goal is to reduce infections, then the use of a QR code, with the knowledge of today, has proven to be an insufficiently effective means. The QR code would help relieve care instead of the one and a half meters away. With the insight we now have, that seems to be insufficient. Therefore, argues De Unie to reintroduce tried and tested measures. Think of the one and a half meters away, and where possible working from home, washing hands, a clean workplace and the employee's own responsibility, namely staying home in case of complaints. All measures that have had a proven effect over the past eighteen months.

De Unie is fundamentally against a change in the law that makes it possible for employers to map the health of employees in a privacy-violating way.

Pilot unlimited leave

It has been agreed in the collective labor agreement that we will conduct a follow-up study into the effects of unlimited leave. In periodic consultations, we discuss the question and the design of this research.


Are there any questions in response to this message or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Please contact the representative, Inge de Vries, via or call 06-5252 2091.