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ING: Periodic consultation report 22 June 2022

Agenda periodic consultation

On June 22, De Unie held periodic consultations with ING.



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The following topics were on the agenda:

  • RVU scheme
  • Lease arrangement
  • Research terms of employment
  • Pilot unlimited leave
  • Shift allowances
  • Frontier Workers Scheme

RVU scheme

The RVU scheme is a collective labor agreement. This scheme gives employees the option to stop working three years before their retirement. ING will then pay you a limited fee. This agreement is based on an agreement within the framework of the pension agreement. We know that this agreement is of a temporary nature, up to and including 2025. To my surprise, however, ING turned out to be of the opinion that the RVU agreement was only made for the period of this collective labor agreement, ie until 2022. This has been discussed extensively. On June 22, 2022 De Unie largely secure the RVU scheme. ING does, however, insist that the employees involved can only make use of the RVU scheme if there is a collective labor agreement. The scheme has no after-effects.

De Unie has indicated that we want clarity about the other collective labor agreements. Before we start the collective labor agreement negotiations, I want to be sure that the agreements from the previous collective labor agreement are structural or that we will be confronted by more surprises by ING.

Lease arrangement

ING plans to adjust the lease arrangement. ING's position is that lease drivers may only choose an electric lease car in the future. De Unie thinks this is a bad idea. The current lease standards, at least for employees who need a lease car for their work, are already too low. Electric cars are relatively expensive, with the same lease standard it is certainly questionable whether you can still purchase a responsible car.

ING takes the position that the lease arrangement can be unilaterally adjusted by the employer. De Unie is in consultation with the central works council. As a first step, it is important that the lease drivers themselves are involved in the decision-making process.

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Research terms of employment

De Unie has a survey in which we ask your opinion about the terms of employment. This is part of our preparation for collective bargaining. Have you already completed the survey? This is still possible until Thursday 30 June 2022† Members have been invited to complete the survey.

ING will open a survey in the coming week. This survey is part of the employer's preparation for the collective labor agreement negotiations. The questions have not been drawn up in consultation with me. I already have the questions, so if you want to fill in the survey and you don't find the questions clear, you can contact me. Some questions are really not easy to answer. In several places you are asked to rank employment conditions in order of importance.

Unlimited leave

It has been agreed in the collective labor agreement that the pilot will continue indefinitely. The implementation of this agreement has taken some time. ING has now indicated that it wants to reunite the working group that will supervise this pilot. It is not expected that an agreement on unlimited leave will be made in the coming collective labor agreement negotiations.

Work out shift allowance

In two business units that work in shifts, discussions have arisen between ING and the trade unions about the correct calculation of the allowances and about the commutation of the shift allowance if the rosters are adjusted. Trade unions and ING will discuss further in the coming month. We try to make a good agreement so that the shift workers get what they are entitled to.

Frontier Workers Scheme

During the lockdown period, cross-border workers were able to work from abroad without this having an impact on taxation and social security payments. The minister recently announced that the exemption for cross-border workers will be extended in the second half of 2022. De Unie asked ING what this means for the homework policy for cross-border workers at ING.


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