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ING: Report on the ING collective labor agreement

The collective labor agreement negotiations for your collective labor agreement started on 8 September 2022. The various parties have explained the proposals letters. And the parties have asked each other questions to clarify their intentions. We treat each other with respect and take each other seriously.

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Meeting agenda

The next step was to set an agenda. Suggested by De Unie we keep to the following agenda.

Collective salary increase and the individual salary increase theme

Collective salary increase and the themes of work pressure, job security and sourcing
Topics from 08.09.2022 on which parties have not yet agreed

Collective salary increase and the theme step up
Topics from 12.10.2022 on which parties have not yet agreed

Collective salary increase and the theme of costs of working from home and travel costs
Topics from 20.10.2022 on which parties have not yet agreed
Topics that have not yet been discussed.

With this agenda we want to make clear what the priorities are for the collective labor agreement negotiations. The collective salary increase is by far the most important topic.

Negotiations report September 8, 2022

It was important to start with the financial topics. Members have the right to be able to determine in good time how they balance their own housekeeping book.


We talked for a long time about the collective salary increase. The percentage by which salaries and salary scales are increased for everyone is essential to prevent loss of purchasing power. However, ING still argues that salaries at ING are too high compared to the market. De Unie pointed out that ING is currently struggling to fill vacancies. ING also proposes various instruments through which the company can offer new employees a better salary. We therefore question whether ING's claim that salaries are too high is correct.

For De Unie the level of inflation is the most important parameter for determining the collective salary increase. With a nice salary increase, the employees (just like the shareholders) can share in the good financial results that ING is realizing. The parties are really far apart on this point. De Unie has called on ING to come up with a better proposal on 15 September. The 2% now offered is not a serious starting point for negotiations.

Individual salary increase

The individual salary increase or scale increase is important for all employees who still have room for growth in their salary scale. In previous collective labor agreement negotiations, the parties consciously agreed not to make the scale increase performance-dependent, but to link it to the position in the salary scale. ING now wants to go back to the old system. But ING is not proposing an improvement in the scaled remuneration.

The following has been agreed in the collective labor agreement regarding the scale increase:

  • Your relative salary position is lower than 80, then you will receive a scale increase of 3%.
  • Your relative salary position is between 80 and 90, then you will receive a scale increase of 2,5%.
  • Your relative salary position is above 90, then you will receive a scale increase of 1,5%.

ING wants to change this to a scale increase between 0 and 3%. This could therefore turn out to be worse for employees than the current collective labor agreement.

ING writes in the proposal letter that they want to discuss a salary increase between 2 and 5%. But what it really says is a collective salary increase of 2% and a change in the system of scaling increases that in total does not become more expensive for the company and more uncertain for the employee.

Other financial proposals

We have not yet arrived at the other financial proposals.

  • ING proposes a home working allowance of € 2 per day worked from home. De Unie also want to make an appointment about this. We still have to talk about the amount, the tax authorities will allow a higher compensation in 2023. And Nibud calculates that a day of working from home already costs the employee more than € 3 per day.
  • ING proposes a one-off payment of €500. De Unie first wants clarity about the collective salary increase, as far as we are concerned a one-off is the final piece of the negotiations.
  • De Unie would like to make an appointment about a profit-sharing scheme. We will be happy to discuss this further on 15 September.

Contact details

Do you have any questions about this post, or do you have information that you can share with us? De Unie want to share? Please contact the representative Inge de Vries via or call 06-5252 2091 or one of the members of the negotiating delegation: Michel Rutte or Brugmann.