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ING: Periodic meeting July 2019

On behalf of De Unie Emanuel Geurts, together with colleagues from FNV Finance and CNV Vakmensen, has meetings with HR every 3rd Thursday of the month throughout the year, and part of the meetings also with DB COR.

The agenda of the consultation includes subjects that the bank and / or the trade unions put forward. ING staff usually attend as guests to explain a topic or department. The topics we discuss are related to the agreements in the collective labor agreement, the social plan, pension scheme, legislation, practice and management of ING. Points of Union members are also discussed.

Wherenurture and reward

There was talk of a cost-neutral decoupling of assessment and remuneration. ING had provided the figures for the budget involved. Going through the numbers raised questions about the size, population and assessment scores of recent years. Questions that could not be answered at the time. The figures will be discussed again in the periodic consultation in September, and hopefully the answers will also be used to reach a decision.

There are also some outstanding points from the collective labor agreement texts that must be resolved in September. The new CLA can then be signed and posted online.

Working agile

Time to work agile during the periodic consultation. We receive demos from the collective labor agreement squads Unknown talent, Unlimited leave and Informal care. The squads present where they stand with their CLA epics. Help questions are asked and answered. We provide tips and advice and confirmation that they are on the right track. An inspiring session!

Then we will start with a refinement session CAO spics Q4 led by agile coach Cornelie Schuilenburg. We first get a brief introduction to the agile methodology. Then we will prioritize and plot a number of epics on the roadmap for Q4. We get another overview with tasks / Epics for the periods Q2, Q3 and Q4 sent to us. In this way we keep everything in view.

In a separate session, the trade unions prepare the sequence of the collective labor agreement epics that will be discussed in the September quaterly business review (QBR). Agile working is starting to arrive.


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