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ING: Negotiation result of collective labor agreement reached

Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This post is about the negotiated result achieved for a new collective labor agreement De Unie and the other trade unions have reached with ING on Thursday 8 July 2021. Below I, representative Emanuel Geurts, will discuss the negotiation process and the most important agreements from the entire collective labor agreement package.

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CLA process

These negotiations have all been different than usual. This was clear from the start. ING started negotiations with a completely new negotiating team and with a bet at three years zero for collective and individual wage increases and the abolition of the jubilee bonus. In addition to the major differences in content, we also had to get used to each other. Difficult, because due to corona almost all conversations were online and that creates a distance. A plus was that we vakbondside had a well-played team. What also helped was the excellent external facilitator on this negotiation process. And let's not forget the many reactions from the supporters to surveys, member mailings and via telephone and email contact. Thanks again for all your contributions!

Collective Labor Agreement package

During the negotiations, it appeared that ING and the trade unions fundamentally differ in their views on the salary policy. Within the time of the negotiations, it proved impossible to bring these insights closer together. For this reason, a pragmatic package has been negotiated for the next two years. We will use that time to explore the perspectives and bring them closer together through 'slow conversations'. Because ING insisted on no collective pay rise, we have this time brought together an alternative package of value. There is something for everyone in this and agreements have also been made for the flex population. For example, ING now reimburses the employee premium PAWW (3e year of unemployment), the social plan has been extended by one and a half years, you get two bank holidays, two CSR days and the collective social benefit (CMU) is greatly increased. Parental leave at ING will also be improved and we will investigate whether your sports subscription can be reimbursed. Every ING employee also receives a one-off gross amount of 200 euros.

We also eventually agreed on the scaled reward (the % that you increase in your scale). We divide the scales into three parts with three different percentages (3/2,5/1,5). At the bottom of the scale you take a step of 3% and at the top of the scale a step of 1,5%. The moment of entry is as soon as possible after the members agree. For young(er) employees in particular, this offers prospects for financial growth. The nominal amount that the end-scalers previously received has been cancelled. This is the result of the decoupling between reward and assessment.

For the more senior employees, the extension of the social plan and the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) are attractive parts of the total package. During the negotiations it became clear that this was highly appreciated. Glad we were able to achieve this.


This is the package that, after ten months of negotiations, is now before the vote of the Members. Members have been invited to vote. After the approval of the members, the agreements will come into effect as soon as possible.


I can be reached by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. If you have an individual question or need advice, please contact our Service Center via or by calling 0345-851963.