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ING Bank: Result of collective agreement vote

On 8 July 2021, we and the other trade unions reached a negotiated result with ING. Members could vote on it until August 12. Below I, advocate Emanuel Geurts, now also inform you that the members of De Unie and the other trade unions have agreed in majority. Due to my vacation, the members had not yet received this message.

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Result of the collective labor agreement ING

The result of the vote at De Unie is as follows: 62,5% were in favor of the negotiation result, 33,5% against and the rest abstained. At FNV Finance 56,5% were in favor and the rest against. At CNV Vakmensen, 73.15% were in favour, 25% against and the rest abstained. Members also had the opportunity to comment on their vote. I would like to clarify a few things.

  • After the announcement of ING's half-year figures, there were almost only negative votes. ING's position in the negotiations is considered (retroactively) rigid and (more) implausible.
  • Due to the lack of a collective wage increase, end-scalers in particular do not feel valued by ING and purchasing power is being lost. Alternatives do not provide sufficient substitution for this.
  • There is satisfaction with certain parts of the negotiation result, such as the social plan, but with other more qualitative agreements about time and wellbeing, it is doubted whether these will gain value in day-to-day practice at ING.
  • There is appreciation for the time, energy and effort put into the negotiations by the trade unions to arrive at the negotiated result.

These are recognizable reactions for the negotiating delegation. These points are also discussed with ING to take into account now and in the future. For now, thank you for your emails, phone calls, participation in surveys and working groups, support and votes! We hope to be able to count on you again in the future.


Now that the majority of members have agreed to the negotiated result, there is therefore a new collective labor agreement. The next step is that a new collective labor agreement text will be drawn up. As soon as the new ING 2021-2022 collective labor agreement text is available, the members will be notified again.


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