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ING Bank: Collective Labor Agreement and periodic consultation

Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This newsThe letter is about the collective labor agreement negotiations and the periodic consultations that the trade unions had with ING on Thursday 30 June 2021.

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We started negotiations in September 2020 for a new collective labor agreement as of 1 January 2021. After that, up to and including last April, there were 14 rounds of negotiations in which we discussed Wellbeing, Craftsmanship, Time, Rewards and Flex. It has become clear that our positions on remuneration in particular were quite different and a stalemate was imminent. In May and June, we took time to explore how to meaningfully continue the negotiations.

We are not yet settled on the subject of rewards, but steps have been taken. With regard to the collective wage increase, we investigate whether there are creative alternatives that represent money and/or value for you as an employee. That's puzzling and collecting. Since everything in it is not final yet, I can't tell you anything about that right now. We also seem to be working towards a solution with regard to the scaled reward (the % that you increase in your scale). We are certainly not there yet, but the exploration does give the hope that we can come to a collective agreement.

Next Monday, July 5, we will make every effort to come to a pragmatic agreement, before the summer. If this doesn't work, what are you willing to do? Any suggestion is welcome. Let us know via

Periodic consultations

  • Arriette Kat and Maarten van Beek gave a presentation to the trade unions about the application of the work code signed by ING. ING still has a number of steps to take. The further introduction of the Flex work code is now on the table during the collective labor agreement negotiations.
  • Maarten van Beek updated us on the return of employees to the office. He is discussing the 'rules of the game' with the COR, based on hybrid working (50% at home and 50% at the office). The intention is that this method will start in September and that it will be tested until January 2022. Until the start in September, the office will be working with 10% occupancy to give Facility and Tech the necessary adjustment time. The trade unions want 'recognizable' free time and working days for the employee. Maarten agreed and also indicated that working 4 days of 9 hours is not under discussion.
  • We didn't talk this PO about senior management, management style, Unite and One ING. We will come back to this in a future PO.


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