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Holland Casino: a deal is a deal

There is a clear agreement with Holland Casino that when all corona restrictions for Holland Casino were over, we would return to VGR and Masterrooster.


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Holland Casino does not want to return to VGR because there are currently consultations between the employer, works council (OR) and unions to arrive at a healthier way of rostering. Holland Casino is convinced that we will reach agreement on this within the foreseeable future. In anticipation of this, Holland Casino wants to continue the current "temporary" system of VZR until the new form of healthy roasting is introduced. De Unie initially took the position that Holland Casino must adhere to the agreements that were made about this at the time.

Holland Casino has submitted a request for approval to the Works Council to achieve a (temporary) extension of the VZR until a new roster system is agreed. Rapid return to VGR would not be feasible.

The Works Council has set a number of conditions to improve the VZR system for employees. De Unie believes that the Works Council has done a good job, especially now that HC has agreed to the conditions.

But VGR has not been abolished; the schedule discussion is still ongoing

De Unie is currently busy in consultation with Holland Casino to arrive at the contours of a healthier way of roasting.

Scientists indicate what is and what is not healthy. De Unie doesn't question that. One area of ​​tension is that healthier schedules will in many cases lead to less influence and more restrictions for employees. For example, the current VGR system might be less healthy on certain points, but the TNO study shows that 90% of the participants are satisfied.

Various possible options will emerge from the timetable discussion. De Unie would like to involve you in this. After all, it is ultimately about your work-life balance.

Union members have the last word

We actively contribute ideas to arrive at a healthier way of roasting.

If we cannot resolve it before 1 October 2022 and/or there is no prospect of an agreement with Holland Casino, we will return to the situation of VGR and master roster. De Uniemembers decide for themselves about the new way of scheduling.


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