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GIL: Wage agreements in the collective labor agreement for the wholesale trade in foodstuffs) are a fact. Now the rest!

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A large majority of the members of De Unie has agreed to the final proposal of the employers, as with the other vakbondand. This makes the collective collective labor agreement (including the collective labor agreement for Foodservice) a fact. In the collective collective agreement, agreements are only made about wages and the pension scheme. Now the complicated part begins. The elaboration of the protocol agreements from the previous CLA part B, the CLA GIL, in other words your CLA.

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Which protocol agreements were involved again?

  • We will start with the MDIEU sector analysis. Exploring the possibilities for early retirement and new impulses for sustainable employability with expedition fit 2.0. This includes the age at which sparing measures come into effect and what can be done to keep the employee permanently employable. This is still very vague, but you can think of an 80-90-100 scheme, the RVU scheme, paid training opportunities and so on.
  • We are going to review the job descriptions in the job evaluation manual and review the salary structure. For example, raising the lower scales and abolishing youth wages, so that everyone immediately receives the wages of a 23-year-old.
  • Employers would like to increase normal working hours, in relation to the above, for example raising the statutory minimum wage. This will have direct consequences for the working hours and the associated allowances. A number of pilots were included in the previous collective labor agreement and these can serve as input for the negotiations.
  • Finally, they want to improve the industry's image and the attractiveness of the industry to work in. Possible points for attention are:
  • Improving the desired working hours per week of (groups of) employees, the control over your working hours, and the work-life balance.
  • Increasing the personal development of the employees and recording it.
  • Including (annual) discussions between managers and employees about development opportunities and career prospects in the collective labor agreement in the agreements.

A whole laundry list of appointments that will have immediate consequences for you, one way or the other.

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A first meeting is planned for the end of August. During this first conversation, an inventory will be made of what we as De Unie, the other unions and the employers on our wish list.

If you would like to provide input on any of the above points, you are very welcome. You can email this input to Gerard van der Lit (advocacy representative) before August 20 via or via a WhatsApp message on 06-5252 2010. Then we can still include this in our wish list and include it in the first conversation.

Of course, after this first meeting, you will be informed about the positions that the various parties have taken and why negotiations need to take place.