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EPCOR: 2,3% less and no guarantees

Two weeks ago, an EPCOR meeting was held. We were informed in a very correct manner about the situation in which EPCOR finds itself. A sketch of daily practice that you will recognize immediately because you are right in the middle of it. Less work and everyone is waiting for the market to pick up so that there is more work to do.

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Management asks for the 2,3% pay increase to be canceled

The question from the board was whether employer EPCOR does not have to structurally apply the structural collective labor agreement wage increase of 2,3% as of 1 July 2021. That would help make the result better. The turnover is in fact considerably less and the occupation of technicians in particular is wider than the supply of work. This occupation is not or hardly adapted to the supply of work because the management wants the technicians on the bench for the moment when work picks up. There are colleagues seconded to KLM.

Vakbondand doubting effectiveness

We would have discussed such a request with you and your colleagues if, on the basis of the information, we were convinced that the request would be proportionate and appropriate. Structural submission of a pay increase is already very exceptional to discuss. Often it offers no solution. According to the forecasts that the management has shared with us, EPCOR is expected to have a bright future. Yes, EPCOR will experience a drop in demand during this period, but for the long term, EPCOR expects to have all kinds of opportunities for growth. For vakbondand there is then no effective argument for positively submitting a proposal to hand in a wage increase to the members for a vote. If demand will increase as expected, there is no reason to give up a wage increase on a structural basis (i.e. forever).

In addition, the management has not given any further guarantees for employment. The possibility that you have lost a 2,3% salary and eventually lose your job therefore remains a possibility.

Cao offers room for postponement…

The new collective labor agreement contains an article (7.4.5.) which has been made specifically for this situation. We pointed this out to EPCOR. Under conditions set out in the collective labor agreement (including the consent of the majority of employees), the wage increase may be temporarily suspended (6 months) until January 1, 2022. For the period from July to December 2021, employees will instead receive of the salary increase per month deferred 4 vacation hours granted (part-timers pro rata). And possibly EPCOR can again qualify for NOW subsidy, which can mean a substantial contribution to the wage costs.

Finally. We share the sincere hope that work will pick up again soon. This situation in aviation is worrying because of the long lasting drop in demand. There are reports describing growth. But there are many uncertainties. De Unie is ready to assist you and your colleagues in this uncertain time.

Do you have questions? Please contact the representative Gertjan Tommel. Call or mail to 06-5252 2034 or gertjan.tommel@unie.nl.