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Contract catering: negotiating result CLA

The last CLA for Contract Catering ran until April 1, 2022 and was due for renewal. In January, February and March we worked hard on this new collective labor agreement with agreements for various groups of employees. The current employees who now fall under the collective labor agreement for contract catering and (new) employees who work in the hospitality industry. In addition to the negotiations on the broad sector collective labor agreement, the social partners also simultaneously held talks about the specific employment conditions for the inflight. All negotiations are now complete. We have reached a negotiated result on all parts and for all groups of employees. More about that below.

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Negotiation result contract catering, hospitality and inflight

The most important agreements for current employees that now fall under the contract catering collective labor agreement:

The most important agreements for new employees from 1 April 2022 and employees who now fall under the collective labor agreement for the Horeca:

The most important agreements for existing and new employees in the inflight:

These are some key points from the negotiation result. The complete text of the negotiation result can be found here.

The CLA parties have updated the representatives of the employee participation in contract catering about the negotiated result. They are happy that we came together and that there is (again) clarity for the entire sector. At the conference on the future of the sector on Monday 11 April in the Jaarbeurs, the participants present were also positive. The questions concerned the elaboration of a number of agreements. For example, about the need for a clear calculation tool to be able to calculate the switch from contract catering to hospitality yourself. This question is logical and we as parties to the collective agreement will immediately address this. So to be continued.

What do you think?

Now that there is a negotiated result for contract catering, hospitality and inflight, I, representative Emanuel Geurts, am curious about the opinion and of course the vote. Members have been invited to vote. This is possible until May 1, 2022† If the members agree, there will be a new collective labor agreement and the salary increase can be arranged with retroactive effect to 1 April. You will also receive the text of the new collective labor agreement.


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