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Contract catering, Hospitality and Inflight: Retirement trajectory

In this newsletter, I, representative Emanuel Geurts, inform you about the pension process that social partners in the catering industry and contract catering started on Monday 2 May 2022.

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Pension study

In 2021, a delegation of employers and trade unions in the hospitality industry and contract catering conducted a study into the two pension schemes from the Pension Act. This think tank has submitted a report to the social partners without advice for the so-called flexible (WVP+) or solidaire (NPC) pension contract. The think tank, together with the pension fund, has overview made of the upcoming changes in your pension contract.

Pension Act

In April 2022, the Cabinet has introduced new pension legislation to the 2e Room sent. The new law supplements the previous pension law with concrete elaborations of the two pension contracts. The bill will be discussed later this year in the 2e and then 1e House with the intention to let the law come into effect on January 1, 2023. From that date, the parties to the collective labor agreement can switch to one of the two pension contracts. Whether this succeeds depends not only on politicians, but also on the pension providers. They have to put the new legislation in their systems to be able to implement the choices made by the social partners. Our pension process, which has just started, should provide a choice for employees and employers in the hospitality industry and catering, the pension fund and pension administrator.

Retirement plan

Monday 2 May, the delegations of KHN, Veneca, FNV Horecabond, CNV Vakmensen and De Unie discussed the process to be followed. The pension fund helps us with calculations and offers practical support. The parties want to reach an agreement in outline and aim for implementation from 1-1-2024 or as much later as necessary. An important condition is that the new pension legislation is in place. It is now up to the parties to the collective labor agreement to make choices regarding, among other things, the pension contract, whether or not to transfer pension rights already accrued to the new contract, to determine a survivor's pension and any transitional compensation.

Delegations have put Thursday 2 June, Tuesday 14 June and Tuesday 28 June in the agenda for these pension discussions. After every meeting you will receive a newsletter from me.

Pension information

Trade unions, employers and the government have created a website to provide information to employees and employers about pensions. You can find everything about the legislative process, both pension contracts and questions and answers on

Are you curious about your current pension? Then you can find more information via the pension fund website† If you have any questions about your pension, you can ask them via


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