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Cao Rabobank and Obvion

The voting period for the negotiated result for a new collective labor agreement was closed on Monday 22 March. The members of De Unie who voted are largely in favor of this result (90%). 8% are against and 2% have voted but are abstaining from a pro or a con. The result of the other trade unions is also positive.

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The comments of members can be summarized in that the overall result is considered to be a balanced result and there is particular interest in the elaboration of the study agreement on the 80-90-100 scheme.


We have a few more dates in March and April that we will now use to determine the texts of the new collective labor agreement, and to make the first preparations for the study agreements.

Announcement of change of representative

After seven years the interest of the members of De Unie Having served at Rabobank and Obvion, I am going to hand over the baton to my colleague Inge de Vries. From now on she will participate and after writing the new collective labor agreement texts, I will complete my work. This is expected to take place in April.


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