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Cao consultation NN group, survey and members meeting

Suspension of collective agreement consultations

The negotiations for your collective labor agreement are not going as we are used to. In short, NN's position is that there is no room for cost increases in the collective labor agreement and that the parties to the collective labor agreement must find the money themselves for changes. In other words: if trade unions want to agree on a collective salary increase, we must agree on cutbacks elsewhere. After all, NN's total costs may not increase.

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De Unie has an eye for NN's situation. The company makes a profit, but is dependent on a closed book for part of that profit. This profit gradually disappears from the books. A new strategy is also needed for that reason. The new products do not yet contribute enough to support the entire company in the future. In addition, there is a shrinking market for insurers. For the long term, there really still needs to be done. Therefore endorses De Unie also NN's new strategy.

NN is not the only company in this situation, it is the typical situation for almost all major insurers. The question of De Unie in the collective labor agreement consultations is therefore: "Why is NN not able to do what the other insurers can: Transform the company and reward employees for their efforts?"

We cannot solve this with NN. CLA negotiations started in mid-September 2020 and we are still running in the same circle. Time for a different approach.

How further?

De Unie therefore wants to talk to the members. First of all, we naturally want to know whether you agree with our position in the negotiations. That is why a survey has been drawn up in collaboration with the other trade unions. You can complete this survey here. This is possible up to and including Wednesday February 10, 2021. You can forward the link to a colleague. We would like to hear the opinion of all NN employees on this.

Member meetings

In addition, organizes De Unie, together with the other trade unions, a series of online members' meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange ideas about the situation at NN. You can ask questions about collective bargaining. If you have any tips, you can share them with the negotiating delegations and with your colleagues.

Sign up

You can simply register and subscribe your sign up here for one of the following meetings:

Prior to the meeting you will receive a link to the meeting environment and an agenda.


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