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Collective labor agreement NN Group 2 March.

Collective bargaining

De Unie has another collective bargaining agreement at NN on 2 March. We had paused the negotiations in February because NN found that there was an impasse. In front of De Unie reason to speak to members. To this end, we have set up a survey and organize member meetings. You can still register for the members' meetings from 22 and 24 February 2021. You and your colleagues can also take the complete the survey. At the resumption of negotiations will De Unie start with a summary of the survey, a report of the members' meetings and our vision of the financial results.

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Financial results 2020

The 18 annual figures of NN Group were announced on Thursday 2020 February. De Unie has been eagerly awaiting this because your employer has maintained for four months that there is very little room for a structural salary increase. However, the figures for the first half of 2020 were not alarming.

The figures that have now been published still do not support the position of your employer. The company is making a profit, the operational result for 2020 is close to that of 2019 and yes, this largely comes from the existing products and not yet from the new services. But that profit has been brought together by the hard-working NN employees, who work in relative solitude every day to serve customers, improve processes and enable further automation and cost savings. In the press release, NN thanks the employees for their efforts. But many employees also want to see the valuation in money.

Some quotes from the many emails that come with De Unie enter:

  • “The burden on the employees is extra great during corona. The employee's appreciation for this should be reflected in the collective labor agreement. ”
  • “NN is doing well, partly due to the dedication and willingness of its employees. That should be rewarded (not just for the MB and EB). ”
  • “NN should be ashamed to allow this to happen. Look around you to see how other insurers are doing. And we achieved a great result last year despite the corona time. A bit of appreciation for this is in order for the employees and not just the shareholders! "
  • “Employees are the capital of your company. In addition, the market is tight for knowledge workers such as ICT professionals. If you want to compete as an employer and attract and retain committed employees, you will have to offer prospects. ”

What will De Unie to achieve

Various collective labor agreements have been agreed with insurance companies for the year 2021. We have agreed a structural salary increase of 2,25% for most of these collective agreements. Employers find this appropriate and affordable, members find this acceptable. We also agree on other attractive terms of employment in these collective labor agreements. NN's annual figures indicate that NN is doing just as well as the other companies in the sector.


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