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Collective Labor Agreement subjects Holland Casino

As reported last Friday, negotiations with Holland Casino have started. Last Friday we explored the consultation process and set follow-up dates. The first substantive conversation will take place on 24 November. We have determined the topics for De Unie are important to discuss.

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CLA term

As we all notice, the very unclear situation regarding the development of the coronavirus has an enormous impact on the economy. Unfortunately, Holland Casino notices this all too well. Because we cannot estimate what the consequences will be in the long term, we opt for a collective labor agreement with a short term, namely 1 year.


We will discuss the topics below with Holland Casino. We consciously choose not to put a laundry list of wishes on the table so that we can focus on the really important points.

  • The severity of some schedules and / or shifts, especially during the night hours.
  • Tronc tip; colleagues who qualify for this notice that the 'yield' is zero. De Unie does not think it is right that this group alone is now responsible for the financial consequences of corona.
  • Timetable manual; we want communication and coordination to improve during (schedule) changes.
  • Sustainable employability; take a closer look and possibly add a 3e age group. In informal care and working from home, check whether the existing facilities are adequate or not.
  • Pensions; the accrual percentage of your pension is under pressure and that is worrying for the future. The pension premium also plays a role in this.
  • Salary; we understand that the financial options are more limited than in previous years. Still finds De Unie that there must be a salary increase of at least the inflation rate. Because we not only have to take good care of the colleagues who have to leave Holland Casino, we also have to keep an eye on those who stay.

Restructuring / social plan

We have requested additional information to gain a better understanding of some matters. The social plan is especially important to us. In particular, our starting point for a voluntary severance scheme is at the top of the list. Because we want to avoid forced redundancies as much as possible. In our opinion, this should also be the commitment of Holland Casino.

Questions or remarks?

Your negotiating delegation will explore these topics. We trust that you can agree with this, but of course comments are always welcome via