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Aegon: January 2022 meeting

Periodic consultations were held at Aegon in January. In these consultations, trade unions, HR and the Central Works Council discuss current affairs at Aegon and we work on the implementation of collective labor agreements. Below is a brief report of what was discussed.

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Execution of collective labor agreements

Almost all agreements made during the last collective labor agreement negotiations have now been implemented. There are two more that need to be addressed. One of these is about gender equality. To do this, we are investigating whether there is a glass ceiling at Aegon. And if so, what are the reasons for this. The other is to give concrete substance to the working code during the term of the collective labor agreement. The temporary agency workers panel has already been established. Both outstanding items will return to the agenda in the February meeting.

Perform & Develop

In 2021, research was conducted into the P&D scores/increases for 2020 in terms of score distribution, broken down by age categories, average salary growth per age category and male/female distribution. The results were presented to us in the April 2021 consultation. In accordance with the collective labor agreement, research is once again being conducted into the P&D scores for the year 2021. In order to make a good comparison with 2020, we have decided to examine virtually the same P&D items for 2021. The results of the study will be discussed at the May meeting.

CLA process

We also discussed the process of arriving at a new collective labor agreement and social plan as of 1 July 2022. We will once again use a collective labor agreement survey, digital employee meetings, collective labor agreements and an external facilitator/process supervisor. The topics that will be discussed during the negotiations can be clustered around reward & appreciation, COVID, social environment, time, wellbeing and social plan.
We will make an inventory among the staff whether there is a need for an explanation of the how, what and why of collective labor agreements and who has what role in it at what time. If there is interest, we will organize a separate knowledge session about it.

We are working on the questions for the collective labor agreement survey for 2022. We have discussed the themes and the questions to be asked. To make a comparison with the results of the previous collective labor agreement survey, we do not deviate much from this. We will complete the questionnaire at the end of January and it can be sent to Aegon employees.


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