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Achmea: Report of periodic consultation Achmea December 10, 2020

De Unie held periodic consultations with Achmea on 10 December 2020. In this periodic consultation, we discuss current developments and assess progress in the elaboration of collective labor agreements. De Unie can also use this consultation to put subjects on the agenda themselves.

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Agenda periodic consultation

The following subjects were discussed in the periodic meeting of 10 December:

  1. Reorganisations
  2. Retirement
  3. TOP state of affairs
  4. Value Makers


A large number of reorganisations are being implemented by Achmea. Often with consequences for personnel, because colleagues become redundant because their work is canceled or moved to another location. The following reorganisations are currently current:

Division Silver Cross

Research outsourcing insurance claims

Healthcare purchasing

Integration Staff Office and team Accountability

                 Relocations due to closure of the Leusden location

                 OIZ DF and ZK Client Administration

Administrative office

                Termination of Customer Interest Central Program (KBC)

Central Services (CDV)

                CDV 2020-10 FB Closure of the Leusden location

Division Non-life & Income (DS & I)

                Transition Achmea Globalneth (AGN)

                Redesign P&PM Income Collective (movement two)

Achmea Pension Services Division

                Finishing work of team employers

Does one of these reorganisations concern the department where you work? You may then have legal questions. You can contact the Service Center of De Unie. This can be done by sending an e-mail to or call 0345-851 963.


The November 2020 pension consultation did not produce any results. The current pension scheme will therefore be continued unchanged, which is of course fine because good agreements were made in the past. At most, there will be a small accrual discount in 2021. However, the current pension scheme will expire on December 31, 2021. We therefore have a year to negotiate a new pension scheme. These negotiations will start on February 12, 2021.


The new TOP assessment system was introduced two years ago. At the time, it was agreed that a period of three years would be taken to supervise the cultural change that is necessary for this method. This second year, the guidance went differently than planned. It is also discussed whether it is necessary to extend the transition period. In front of De Unie it is important whether Achmea can objectively determine that the introduction of TOP is successful. No measuring method has yet been developed for this.

Value Makers

You will also receive regular information about this project in the near future. The project will last three to five years and will examine areas in which Achmea must develop strategically. The first phase of the project has been practically completed. Next year decisions will be taken on what Achmea will invest in, where profitable growth can be achieved and what savings are possible.  

Next consultation

The next periodic meeting will be on 7 January 2021. We will then be talking about the Future of Work, the project that Achmea is preparing for the period after the lockdowns. This also includes matters that affect the collective labor agreement or personnel schemes. Part of the research included a reduction in the number of workplaces, adjustment of the travel allowance, division of work at the office or at home, home work allowance, lease arrangement and location determination. The results of the covid workforce pulse studies (which are published every month) are used, among other things, as input for the Future of Work project.


Many of Achmea's works councils are not fully staffed as a result of reorganisations. Fortunately, there are always colleagues who are willing to take a seat on a works council. De Unie is regularly asked whether we want to give permission for the interim appointment of a Works Council member. But also whether we have candidates who can fill the vacant vacancies. The works councils play an important role at Achmea and the qualitative implementation of works councils is very important. If you are interested in taking a seat on a works council in the future, please let us know.


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