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Achmea: Report of periodic consultation July 9, 2020

Communication 34-hour working week

Achmea has made efforts in recent weeks to convince employees of the positive effects of the 34-hour working week. In this context, the other trade unions were allowed to advertise the 34-hour working week on Achmeanet. It is alarming to read how much the interests of Achmea employees are not taken into account. The critical voices, which are actually brought in by the employees, unfortunately do not seem to give Achmea, nor the other trade unions for thought. This is disadvantageous for the organization and for Achmea employees. The best decisions are made in a discussion in which you keep each other on their toes. This good discussion is resisted by Achmea. De Unie asked to also be able to highlight the introduction of the 34-hour working week in an interview on Achmeanet. Unfortunately, this was refused by Achmea.

Position of De Unie on a 34-hour working week

At the turn of the century, Achmea switched from a 40-hour to a 36-hour working week. At the time, there was a reasonable consensus about this step because it became possible for employees to work 4 x 9 hours and because there was a broad policy to continue working 40 hours paid via Achmea Select. In any case, this made it feel like a balanced agreement despite the financial spring that employees had to leave. At the time, part-timers were the group of employees who saw their income stand still for years without compensation.

The reduction from 40 hours to 36 hours has provided a clear picture of which functions can be performed in a shorter working week and for which functions this does not apply. Achmea now consciously does not want to do anything with this knowledge.

In many departments, the Achmea Select policy is generous and the system works well. But there are also departments where the policy is that an extension of the hours can not be requested via Select. This has been discussed frequently with Achmea, the problem is not denied, but Achmea continues to place the problem with its employees.

A disadvantage of the 34-hour working week that is still little discussed is the decline in earning capacity. At the turn of the century, a family could make a good living on one Achmea salary. This is no longer the case. In order to make ends meet, an average family now needs two salaries. If you only have one income, because you are on your own, you can choose because you want to raise children as a family yourself, or temporarily, then your financial basis will soon be too tight. The DNB often warns against this. Even young employees who are still at the start of their career and are therefore still paid low on the salary scale, often do not want more free time, but do need financial flexibility.

De Unie Naturally also supports employees who are happy with the shorter working week at Achmea. It's alright De Unie because employees must themselves have a say in these far-reaching changes.

The problems identified in the area of ​​increasing workload, use of Achmea Select, the maximum working day of 8,5 hours and the reduction of self-management have not been resolved in our opinion. If this cannot be resolved in the current collective labor agreement period, then De Unie to fix this policy in the next collective bargaining negotiations.

Periodic consultations

De Unie regularly consults with Achmea. Various topics can be discussed in these consultations. The last meeting took place on July 9, 2020.

Your employer would like to discuss the pension in good time. A preparatory meeting will be scheduled at the end of September / beginning of October 2020.

The new way of working

Achmea is thinking about how to work from September 2020. A slow return to the office is being prepared. From De Unie emphasis is placed on the good experiences that have now been made with working from home. The size of Achmea makes it unlikely that all employees will be back in the office in the short term. This is not an option for health and safety reasons. Moreover, it is not necessary, working from home is a great alternative.

Pilot unlimited training budget

An agreement has been made in the CLA to conduct a pilot into the effects of an unlimited training budget. In this context, Achmea has designated a number of teams that will have access to approximately 1.000 training courses that are of interest to the work carried out at Achmea. The results of this pilot will be monitored in periodic consultation.


A number of important developments are planned after the summer holidays:

  • Further rollout of 34-hour working week
  • Clarity of profit distribution and variable remuneration for 2020
  • Start pension consultation


Are there any questions regarding this message or information you would like to share with De Unie? Then contact the representative, Inge de Vries. You can reach her by sending an email to: or call 06-5252 2091.