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Achmea: Elaboration of the collective labor agreement and start of discussions on a new social plan

After completing the collective labor agreement process, we are now a few weeks further. The new collective labor agreement is a fact and we are working hard to further elaborate a number of agreements. In our last consultation with Achmea, we discussed, among other things, the RVU scheme (a scheme for older employees to be able to stop working earlier), the agreement about the 'unlimited training budget' and the elaboration of the climate control system. As soon as more is known about this, Achmea will inform you further. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the following two topics.

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Employee survey collective agreement

Although the collective labor agreement process has been completed, Achmea has – to our surprise – sent a message to all employees. In this message, you are asked for your opinion about the establishment of – and the outcome of, the collective labor agreement consultation. Bee De Unie this has resulted in a 'double feeling'.

In the first place, we naturally think it is fine that all employees are involved in the collective labor agreement process. De Unie has always argued for this and it is good that Achmea now seems to be taking over.

However, we are surprised about the timing. Why only ask employees for their opinion if this no longer influences the result? This makes this survey feel like 'mustard after a meal' to us.

Apart from our criticism of the timing (and also a bit of the content of the survey), we see more involvement of employees in the collective labor agreement as a good development. We are therefore counting on this to be followed up in future negotiation processes and that employees will not only be involved at the start, but also have (more) influence on the result.

Social plan

The current social plan will expire at the end of June 2022. on April 19th the discussions for a new social plan start.

In principle, we are satisfied with the current social plan. Broadly speaking, we would therefore like to continue the current social plan. However, we are also curious what you think of the social plan. So are there things you think should be better or different, please let us know and send a message to huug.brinkers@unie.nl† I look forward to your response, advocate Huug Brinkers, with interest.

It is not yet known how Achmea itself intends to proceed with the social plan. We will of course inform you about this in the near future. So to be continued.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please contact me.