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Achmea: Agreement in principle for new social plan

As indicated earlier, discussions with Achmea about a new social plan started a few weeks ago. Not because Achmea currently expects major reorganisations, but because it is in any case good to have clarity for the coming years. Even in the event of a possibly smaller reorganisation. De Unie has indicated that he is satisfied with the current social plan. Many of the members have expressed their agreement with this in response. That is why this has also been our commitment during the discussions.

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The good news is that we have reached an agreement in principle with Achmea and that the old social plan is broadly continued with this agreement. Agreements/changes are:

  • Term 2 years.
  • Introduction of the 'plus pool' (regulation for employees aged 60 or older).
  • Adjustment 'sniff ability'.
  • Unambiguity calculation travel time.
  • Adjustment text leave during exemption.
  • Choice to use severance pay for 'work-to-work'.
  • Adjustment of moving expenses scheme to tax regulations.

You can read the full text of the agreement here  .

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As usual, an agreement in principle only becomes a real agreement after our members have been able to express their views on it. We have therefore asked them to cast their vote. We expect to be able to announce the results on Monday 23 May.

De Unie is satisfied with the result achieved. Broadly speaking, the old social plan will be continued, including the agreed compensation (which is much higher than the statutory regulation). This is one of the reasons why we present the result to our members with a POSITIVE VOTE ADVICE.

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