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Achmea: Taking stock

As indicated in the previous newsletter, we have now analyzed and discussed the results of the vote on the new collective labor agreement and the comments made with Achmea. In doing so, we again drew attention to the topics that were indicated as important by the employees, such as a better wage agreement in the second year, maintaining the 4×9 and less frugal (lower accrual) of pensions.

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With regard to the subject of pensions, we still pinned our hopes on the board of the pension fund (SPA) to (temporarily) agree to a (slightly) lower premium coverage ratio than 100%, so that the accrual percentage would fall less sharply.

To draw or not to draw?
The employee consultation announced earlier in the process did not take place and among the members of De Unie is not a majority for the final offer. Although Achmea has always stated that it strives for broad support for a new collective labor agreement, Achmea made few or no real concessions in the discussions after the consultation. It has also since become clear that SPA is once again unwilling to agree to a slightly higher pension accrual in combination with a somewhat lower premium coverage ratio. This is a difficult position for us to understand because there are other funds (and not the least) that have opted for such a solution in a comparable situation.

In consultation with our board and our executives, the conclusion has therefore been drawn that no signature of De Unie can come up.

Position De Unie does not change
We have always taken a constructive, but also critical stance in this collective labor agreement process. We were guided by the employee survey in 2021. And although we have not yet reached an agreement with Achmea, the mutual relationships have remained good. That is why Achmea has promised that when De Unie In the unlikely event that we cannot sign the Achmea collective labor agreement for 2022 and 2023, we will remain welcome at the collective labor agreement table. Also with regard to the interpretation of subjects related to this collective labor agreement period.

We will therefore continue to participate in the consultations at Achmea. Whether it concerns the day-to-day business within the company, during reorganisations, elaboration of the collective labor agreement or in discussions about developments with regard to the new pension contract (NPC).

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Executives are very important to do our job well. They know the company and are often our 'eyes and ears'. In addition, a framework group offers the opportunity to 'spare' with each other on certain topics in a somewhat smaller context. Such as the collective labor agreement and the social plan.

Over the past few months we have registered many new members. And that's beautiful. Partly for this reason, we would like to once again draw attention to the framework work. We would like to expand our management group in order to have an even broader representation from the Achmea organisation.

Are you interested and would you like to participate?
Please contact the representative, Huug Brinkers.

Do you have any questions or comments? Then send a message to huug.brinkers@unie.nl