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asr: Update HAP negotiation

In the past period, the trade unions and asr met twice (digitally) as part of the HAP. We conduct the discussions in a good atmosphere with an external chairman. Subjects were the HAP evaluation and the proposals from the trade unions and asr

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In October, two more meetings were held between the trade unions and asr in the context of the HAP coming to an end. At the beginning of October, asr presented the evaluation of the last HAP in response to questions from the trade unions. Asr's presentation focused in particular on the sustainable employability of its employees. It was good to see that a lot is possible within asr with regard to sustainable employability during your career at asr and in the event of redundancy.

On the basis of the evaluation and the input of the (executive) members, the trade unions came up with a joint proposal. Of course, in this proposal we also take into account the good (financial) situation and the vision for the future at asr. In the consultation on 26 October, the trade unions submitted various points to asr as a joint proposal.

In short, we do not want any negative changes in the financial arrangements in the HAP and the retention of the current age scales. In addition, we have various proposals for improvement, such as a legal expense allowance, more clarity and flexibility in the phases and budgets and the entire organization under the HAP. We also wish for a minimum term of three years, but this depends on the other agreements.

Further process

In an initial response from asr it emerged that the proposal from asr and that of the trade unions are still far apart on a number of points. This is mainly in the financial aspects. Asr has previously made a proposal in which they expressed their wish to continue the HAP with changes to the safety net. This wish includes conversion to three age scales and a lower correction factor.

The next HAP meeting will be on November 8th. Before that time, the trade unions will go back to the executives to discuss the follow-up and the response to asr


The current HAP will run until the end of December 2021. Current negotiations will not affect requests for advice during this period.

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