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UWV: results of the member consultation pension

UWV collective labor agreement De Unie

De Unie asked the members of the UWV to give their opinion on an important issue that the Pension Transition steering group is working on. This question is whether De Unie must indicate whether we intend to enter the accrued pensions into the new pension legislation.

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Member consultation results

A large number of members have expressed their views on this question. The largest group (44%) indicated that it is too early to make a decision on this because important information is still missing. This was followed by the answer category yes, 27% of the respondents gave this answer. A smaller group of members (17%) believe that this intention should not be given or say that they cannot make a statement (10%). It is clear that with this result De Unie cannot make a definitive decision to start the accrued pensions. I, advocate Inge de Vries, reported this in the steering committee meeting on 26 September.

Consultation steering group September 26, 2022

The other members of the steering committee have the opinion of the majority of de Uniemembers followed. The parties note that essential information is missing and that it is now unwise to take final decisions with far-reaching consequences. However, there is an explicit wish to be able to make use of the expanded option of indexing with retroactive effect for the year 2022. We are talking about indexation of the pensions of retirees by approximately 2,6% and of the accrued pensions of active participants by 1,7%. The parties are now looking for a solution to grant this indexation for 2022 (and possibly 2023), without the parties committing themselves definitively to future steps.

Point of view De Unie

We are currently working on a solution as mentioned above. In my view, this would do justice to the decision of the members of De Unie.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who voted. Retirement is a difficult but very important subject. And for many members it was not easy to form an opinion. They had to put a lot of time into this, thank you for the effort.


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